A Logic Cookbook for Synthesis

Convert trigger to gate

Attibution: mdoudoroff

Trigger-to-gate conversion is not a logic operation, per se, but it can be a necessary prior step.

A few multi-utility modules include a trigger-to-gate function (e.g., Klavis Two Bits); with these, you can patch a trigger stream to the module and receive a gate stream at the output, with the gate lengths corresponding to a parameter you dial in.

Another approach is to use a voltage controlled slew that has a trigger input and EOR or EOC gate outputs. With these, you patch a trigger stream to the trigger input, adjust RISE or FALL to taste, and retrieve your gate stream from the EOR or EOC output. This approach has the advantage of offering CV control over the gate length.

Another approach is to use a Doepfer A-162 Dual Trigger Delay, with the delay set to minimum and the gate length set to taste.

There are probably many other approaches.

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