(Masthead) The Antic Cyber Graphics Software and the Pre-History of Autodesk 3D Studio and Discreet 3ds max

By Martin Doudoroff
Edited by Monica J. Smith


This Web site documents some moderately obscure computer graphics software history: a suite of animation products produced in the late 1980’s for the Atari ST personal computer platform. Although the fact is not widely known, this Atari software, published by a defunct computer magazine called Antic, directly preceded and led to the Autodesk 3D Studio and Discreet 3ds max products used by thousands of people today.

The articles herein basically comprise an oral history: the information is drawn from interviews and hands-on exploration of the software, running under emulation or on original equipment.

The site is organized into a chronological history, followed by in-depth discussions of each major product.


Thanks to my editor, Monica Smith, for making this documentation more respectable.

Thanks to Gary Yost, Tom Hudson, Mark Kimball, Jim Kent, Andy Eddy, Maurice Molyneaux, Boris Tsikanovsky, Darrel Anderson, and Jack Powell for their enthusiastic participation in this project, which is really their project.

Thanks to James Green and Heidi Brumbaugh for their assistance.

Special thanks to Tom Hudson, Corey Kaup, Mike Mee (Liverpool), Tim Forcade, Richard Davey (The Little Green Desktop) and Kevin Savetz (Classic Computer Magazine Archive) for their invaluable technical assistance and resources.


General History (main document)

  1. Antic Magazine & The Catalog <— START HERE!
  2. A new software culture
  3. Now, in 3-D!
  4. Making it move
  5. Make Art
  6. Going “Cyber”
  7. Moving Forward

Each software product in-depth

Additional material